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Mileidy Fernández Ribot

Specialties in Family Medicine and Anesthesiology from ISCM Villa Clara, Cuba; Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine from the UNAM Professional License No. 6673854

  • 2010 – Accreditation in Mexico of the achieved Studies at the Superior Institute of Medical Sciences of Villa Clara, Cuba before the General Directorate of Professions of the Secretary of Public Education in Mexico.
  • October 2008 to March 2009 – Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Diploma organized by the Scientific Society of Aesthetic Medicine.
  • 1999 to 2003 – Specialty in Anesthesiology at the Superior Institute of Villa Clara, Cuba.
  • 1994 to 1997: Specialist in Family Medicine at the Superior Institute of Villa Clara, Cuba.
  • 1993 – Bachelor in General Medicine at the Superior Institute of Medical Sciences of Villa Clara, Cuba.
  • Professional License as Surgeon: No. 6161015.
  • Specialty License in Anesthesiology: No. 8935402.
  • Professional License for Aesthetic Medicine and Longevity: No. 6673854


Since my childhood I have shown a genuine inclination for physical and spiritual «beauty», and an incredible and deep vocation to give myself to it. I grew up in Cuba with limited resources, in spite of that, life led me to the study of medicine, and achieving the specialty in Anesthesiology sharing my work with Plastic Surgeons in the Operating Room resulted in infinite happiness, enjoying the transformation of my patients, seeing in their bodies and faces, that is, in their lives, the before and after, which is a priceless satisfaction.

Fate brought me to Mexico, a country that adopted me and placed another specialty in my path, which allowed me to find the perfect complement.

Aesthetic Medicine allows us to age with dignity, giving a touch of youth to our lives, without sacrificing our harmony.

I believe that having a pretty face is not enough. In addition to beauty, we must have charisma and personality to project attitudes that are allies for today’s woman.

More than 24 years devoted to the professional practice of Anesthesiology for Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine procedures, and the happiness generated in me by the accumulated pleasure of hundreds of transformed lives, invite you to live the Image Art experience.

Mileidy Fernández Ribot, MD.

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