Has looking for plastic surgeons in Tijuana become an overwhelming task for you? We understand the struggle! After all, ensuring your safety and a comfortable experience in this exciting transformation must be a priority! So, we came up with an easy 5 step guide to help you find the perfect match for procedures in Mexico.

  1. Ask to see Before and After pictures and patient’s testimonials from your doctor:

This is the best way to find out the type of results other patients have had with the doctor before! This way you can choose whose style of work is in line with your aesthetic goals and expectations.

Always ask to see pictures before their work. You decide to get the surgery done with them so you know what you can expect from the experience and always choose a doctor whose aesthetic sense appeals to you and your body!

  1. Ask for their credentials.

Ask about their studies and never go for a plastic surgeon in Tijuana who does not have a professional license as a Plastic Surgeon in Mexico.

What is the difference between a Plastic Surgeon and a Cosmetic Surgeon in Tijuana?

The Plastic Surgeon is a board-certified plastic surgeon, they have a professional license to perform Plastic Surgery procedures in the body, while the Cosmetic Surgeon has a license to perform cosmetic surgery procedures but has not had any formal education on the practice. We always recommend going for a Board- Certified Plastic Surgeon in Tijuana.

What questions can you ask your surgeon to ensure their experience in the field:

How did you train in the procedure I am considering?

How many years have you been performing this procedure?

  1. Vet the facility.

It is especially important to ensure that the facility your procedure will take place in is held to the highest standards of safety, quality, and patient care for your own comfort!

  1. Pay attention to how the staff and doctor make you feel!

Plastic surgery is a big deal, it is an important decision and you most feel confident, comfortable and at peace with the treatment you are receiving. Find a doctor for Plastic Surgery in Tijuana who you feel like you can trust!

Customer service matters too!

Some things you can look for to find out what option is the best fit for you:

– Is the staff helpful and kind?

– Am I getting enough information to fully prepare me for the surgery?

– Did they state the fees clearly from the beginning?

– When I contact the doctor’s office, do I receive a prompt response?

  1. Make sure the doctor is ASKING YOU questions as well!

They should consider your medical history, expectations, and goals.

“Whether it’s cosmetic surgery or reconstructive surgery, if the doctor isn’t asking you about your medical history and taking that into account when discussing potential treatment options, it should be a red flag that they’re not being thorough,” says Dr. Schwarz.


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