Although breast augmentation surgery is one of the most performed treatments by plastic surgeons, many myths surround this surgery, creating confusion, misinformation, fear, and panic. Therefore, these assumptions mustn’t be taken as something true because they are far from reality and the benefits that can be obtained through this breast surgery.

What is breast augmentation surgery, and how is it performed?

It is one of the most performed plastic surgery in Tijuana, mainly because a big percentage of women want to increase the weight and natural breast size, so this procedure is one of the best solutions to achieve it and improve the body image. For this surgery to be performed, the aesthetic plastic surgeon will use general anesthesia to make a small incision in the areola part; thus, the scar will not be in a visible area. Through the breast’s incisions, the implants will be introduced to finally suture the incisions, increasing the size and breast lift.

If this breast surgery is performed by an experienced surgeon, the risk of complications during the operation and the healing process will decrease considerably. So there is no need to believe in the thousands of myths that exist around breast augmentation surgery; such as:

Breast implants increase the chances of breast cancer

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most frequent assumptions and why many women who are insecure or uncomfortable with their breasts decide not to undergo breast augmentation procedures through implants. Many people have the faithful belief that implants can cause alterations in the body, to the extent of causing cancer, but the truth is that a board-certified plastic surgeon will never use harmful materials to increase breast volume; because otherwise, unfavorable reactions may arise for the body.

Silicone breast implants are made with biocompatible elements with the body; this is due to a silica component, which prevents the body from developing mutations or alterations in the cells that may cause breast cancer. In addition, these materials are used for the placement of breast implants and are also used in different treatments for different parts of the organism.

On the other hand, breast cancer has the same rate of incidence in non-users as it does in breast augmentation patients; and to be extra safe, an evaluation of the history of breast should always be made at the first breast augmentation consultation. 

No medical tests can be performed after breast augmentation surgery

This is completely false; although there are many beliefs that medical tests such as mammography can not be performed after the breast implant placement, the truth is that it is not so. This type of test is essential to keep track of breast health. So breast implant surgery does not avoid mammography; in fact, a highly trained surgeon will recommend these studies annually, especially so that there can be a better panorama about the area’s conditions. That is why it is important not to believe this myth and go annually to a center or laboratory for these tests to avoid signs of complications in the chest region.

Loss of breast sensation

Breast surgeries can cause, temporarily, loss of sensitivity due to the manipulation of breast tissue and because it causes trauma in the nerve fibers in the area of the breasts. But this doesn’t mean that, definitively, patients will lose sensitivity; this effect can last approximately three months, which is when the pain decreases and the organism recovers.

Patients who have permanently lost sensitivity is because there is some alteration or condition that causes this symptom; in this case, they must go immediately to the specialist. Also, to avoid side effects related to sensitivity, it is necessary to choose the correct implants according to the shape and body size.

Having implants prevents breastfeeding

This is entirely false; breast implants do not interfere at all in breastfeeding, either in its production or how it works. It is believed that by having breast implants, the milk ducts are affected, but this is not the case since the implants’ placement is in the back of the mammary glandular tissue; therefore, lactation is not affected.

Also, cosmetic breast augmentation doesn’t cause any stress or pressure that causes a deficiency in milk production. The lack of problem with breast glandular tissue may exist before surgery and maybe a genetic issue, but breast augmentation procedures are definitely not responsible. In any case, the specialist will give instructions for medical tests to be performed before surgery.

Placing the implants behind the pectoral muscle is always the best option

This decision will depend a lot on each patient’s characteristics and the professional’s conclusion, but placing the implants always behind the pectoral muscle is wrong. It is usually done this way when the real breasts are very small, and when there is also little mammary tissue, this will allow a natural breasts appearance. Where to place the implant will depend a lot on the body characteristics and the desired volume.

Forgetting these assumptions is very important, especially when a person wishes to undergo breast augmentation surgery; if there are doubts or fears regarding the process, benefits, or risks, it is necessary to go to the surgeon to clarify all the questions that may be holding you back from undergoing this aesthetic treatment.

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