Operating Rooms

Operating Rooms

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Imagen Art Clinic offers operating room lease services for the different procedures that a medical professional may require *, that with the confidence and safety of fully equipped facilities, our operating room, recovery areas and rooms for patients recently remodeled having the highest quality standards, and designed to be modern and sophisticated spaces that strictly meet the necessary cleaning procedures that the medical practice requires.

Our medical staff is focused on providing human quality care in the treatment of our patients, following up on patients before and after surgery, doing one-on-one care that allows a personalized treatment. The priority at Imagen Art is the opportunity to perform surgeries without any concern, complying with quality standards, certification, and the highest levels of medical safety for surgery in Mexico.

Our clinic is located in Tijuana, Mexico at the Financial and Recreation Zone of the City: Hipódromo / Campestre, which is 15 minutes from the Tijuana International Airport and 20 minutes from the San Diego International Airport.

* Call in advance for the availability to perform some specific surgical procedures.

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