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Mesotherapy with Enzymes

Mesotherapy is the infiltration into the skin, through microinjections, of a drug or the combination of several drugs to improve specific conditions, for example, cellulite, sagging skin, etc.

 Most frequent facial indications:

  1. Improve double chin.
  2. Improve or marking the mandibular area.
  3. Treatment of acne scars.

Body indications.

  1. Improve localized adiposities.
  2. Improve sagging skin.
  3. Improve cellulite.
  4. Improve fibrosis after liposuction
  5.  Improve atrophy or thinning of the skin after surgical procedures.


Several micro-injections, of Hyaluronidase, Lipase, and Collagenase enzymes, are applied under the area of the skin to be treated.
The number of sessions depends on:

  • Characteristics of the area to be treated.
  • Patient expectations.

This is not a procedure or treatment indicated to lose weight, so to have
better results, you must rely on adequate nutrition and
moderate physical exercise.

The sessions are recommended to be held every 2 weeks.

Side effects

The magnitude of the side effects derived mainly from the sensitivity of the patient’s skin. Side effects spontaneously disappear in the following days, having a complete remission in a maximum of 2 weeks after the procedure was performed.

  • Bruising, inflammation at the area of injection.

  • Slight burning after injection.

  • Changes in the sensitivity of isolated areas.

  • Temporary spots may also appear on the skin.

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