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Plastic Surgery in Tijuana

Imagen Art is a complete clinic that, besides offering non-invasive aesthetic treatments, also focuses on providing the different services of plastic surgery inTijuana. Our team is made up of medical specialists who, with their experience and high knowledge in the field, will provide you with optimal results according to your needs. Our purpose is to provide the highest quality in Plastic Surgery, using innovative techniques, getting as close as possible to your expectations, highlighting your beauty, and making your face and body remain in harmony, adding attractiveness to your personality.

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Breast Augmentation

Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck

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Buttock Augmentation

Lifting De Muslos

Thigh Lifting

Lifting Facial

Facial Lifting

Lifting De Brazos

Arms Lifting

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Cirugia De Parpados

Eyelid Surgery

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Chin Augmentation

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Breast Surgery



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Ear Surgery

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Why get plastic surgery in Tijuana?

We have extremely qualified doctors and incredible pricing!

What is Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery is a medical specialty that focuses on reconstructing or performing aesthetic interventions in different body areas. Although these procedures are usually related to vanity, the truth is that a plastic surgery Tijuana goes beyond providing a beautiful appearance. Patients who come to our Imagen Art clinic can solve aesthetic problems and improve their physical and mental health. Mainly, at the time of treating that which affects the person so much, it can positively impact their self-esteem and eliminate those complexes that damage the mind and body.

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What is the procedure of plastic surgery in Tijuana?

Before the surgery

At the first appointment, our doctors will talk to the patient to determine what is wrong. Once this conversation has taken place, the area to be treated will be analyzed; this is of utmost importance. In this protocol, the specialist will know the skin state and verify if any problems could put the plastic surgery Tijuana at risk.

During the evaluation phase, the skin conditions will be examined, analyzing the thickness, if it presents scars, flaccidity, fat accumulations, among other things. Also, since this is a plastic surgery Tijuana, our surgeon will have to perform different processes that will help him to know how he can have more optimal results in terms of body proportions.

In addition to this step, the doctor must know the health conditions in which the patient is, so he will perform blood tests and different tests so he can have a medical history that will allow him to verify if, due to some disease, there may be complications during the plastic surgery Tijuana. Once all the samples have been taken, our team will give the patient some recommendations to prepare him/her for surgery.

In surgery

Before entering the operation, the patient will be given a dose of anesthesia. The surgery will be performed according to the specialist’s recommendations and what the patient wants. The procedure and technique will depend significantly on the type of plastic surgery Tijuana that will be performed.


After the surgery

Once the surgical procedure is completed, the patient will be continuously monitored to verify that there are no health problems. After this, the person will be given some recommendations to be carried out to improve the healing process. After a few days or weeks, the patient will go to the clinic to verify the healing and see the plastic surgery Tijuana results.

One of the great benefits that we offer at Imagen Art is that we are always aware of our patients since we want people to get what they were looking for and wanting.

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What plastic surgery treatments do we offer?

In Imagen Art, we perform surgeries focused on the body and face; each procedure is performed by surgeons with high knowledge and experience in plastic surgery Tijuana. The treatments are focused on improving our patients’ appearance to opt for breast augmentation, tummy tuck, buttock augmentation, facelift, thigh lift, arms lift, rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, eyelids surgery, liposuction, breast surgery, or ear surgery.

Why choose Imagen Art for plastic surgery in Tijuana?

There are many reasons why Imagen Art is the best option to undergo surgery, mainly because all the staff working within the clinic is trained and have the best skills to provide quality services and results. Also, each of the members who make up this clinic is professionals and specialists committed to offering their years of experience and knowledge so that patients can be sure that throughout the process of plastic surgery Tijuana will have the support of surgeons and people prepared.

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Our Facilities

In Imagen Art, we have the best facilities to perform different surgeries. The surgery area is fully equipped with the highest quality tools and devices, allowing our surgeons to perform surgeries with excellent results. In addition to the fact that the facilities have all the necessary materials, space is always disinfected and the tools to avoid the spread of any bacteria that could put our patients’ lives at risk.

We are committed to providing the best service, so our facilities, both the operating room and the clinic in general, are adapted so that our patients can feel comfortable and confident that they are in a space full of professionals.

Undergoing a plastic surgery Tijuana is a decision that will require the support of professional surgeons, so in Imagen Art, we offer various treatments focused on improving those areas that may be problematic, so if you are looking to improve your appearance and your wellbeing, contact us.

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