Plastic Surgery

brazos lift

Arm Lifting

The Brachioplasty is surgery to treat sagging, excess skin and fat from the inner side of the arms, as caused by drooping over time or significant weight loss. There is no effective treatment, except for surgery.

Defects Degrees

There are 3 defects degrees in the contour of the arms:

  • Grade I, in which the defects are incipient and liposuction is usually sufficient. By removing excess fat from the inner side, the skin retracts.
  • Grade II, where the flaccidity is already intermediate. A skin tightening is usually indicated, leaving a scar limited to the armpit.
  • Grade III, advanced cases, where it is necessary to make a longitudinal scar on the inside of the arm up to the elbow.

Side Effects

  • Edema (fluid accumulation) or swelling (transient that improves faster if lymphatic drainage massages are performed).
  • Scars (Which can be located in strategic places and treated for an excellent evolution).
  • Hematomas (localized accumulation of blood) that disappear in 1 or 2 weeks.
  • Transient loss or alterations of sensation (limited to approximately 3 weeks).

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