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Breast Augmentation

It is a surgery designed to increase the volume of the breast. 

The surgery is performed in women wishing to increase the size of their breasts, due to a minimum growth or as a result of weight loss or secondary to breastfeeding.


The benefits of this surgery are aimed to achieve a larger and firmer breast, having as a primary objective the aesthetic and harmonious shape with the rest of the body. In the previous consultations with the doctor, you should discuss the changes in your physique and appearance, and the most appropriate volume that meets your expectations. The different implant and approach options, as well as the location of the prosthesis, will be also discussed. Your opinion, along with that of the doctor, will be an important factor in the success of the procedure.

The surgery consists of the placement of a breast implant (different types and textures), in an anatomically designed bag, in a submuscular or subglandular space, depending on the complexion of each patient. The incision or approach can be made around the areola or in the submammary fold.

Side Effects

  • Hematoma (localized accumulation of blood) or bruise due to accumulation of blood, secondary to the procedure.

  • Capsular contracture due to fibrosis (tissue that hugs and fixes the implant).
  • Rupture of the implant (current implants are factory guaranteed; therefore, they are extremely resistant).
  • Formation of seromas (accumulation of serous fluid, «clear fluid, with no infection» that many times is spontaneously reabsorbed).

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