Plastic Surgery


Buttocks Augmentation

Gluteoplasty is a procedure that improves the volume and projection of the buttocks. There are different techniques to improve the shape and volume of the buttocks, for example, implant placement, liposuction, or lipo- injection.

 If just a minor augmentation is required, the infiltration of the patient’s own fat may be the best solution. If a larger augmentation is necessary, the surgeon may recommend the placement of a gluteal prosthesis or implant.


The Gluteoplasty or Buttocks Augmentation improved features such as:

  • Excess fat around the buttocks
  • Excess fat in the lower part of the buttocks
  • Improved projection
  • Lack of volume
  • Effects of aging
  • Gluteal flaccidity

Side Effects

  • Bacterial infection (a risk that is minimized by using extreme aseptic measures and prophylactic antibiotics).
  • Transient swelling for about a week (same that is minimized with lymphatic drainage massages and/or therapeutic ultrasound).
  • Bruises or hematomas (which can also be spontaneously reversible in 2 weeks or using massages and/or ultrasound therapy in one week).

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