Plastic surgery


Rhinoplasty or Rhinoseptoplasty (aesthetic and/or functional correction) is a procedure to shape the nose, and is commonly performed in those people who are dissatisfied with their appearance and/or nose size; it also helps to correct deviations of the nasal septum. During this surgery, functional defects such as obstruction or nasal polyps can be solved.


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The nose is a facial structure that adds harmony and beauty, during this procedure, if necessary, the patient can not only have a correction of a physical deformity of the organ, but also a functional correction to be able to breathe properly.

Side effects

  • Edema (accumulation of fluid and/or inflammation) or inflammation (transient that improves faster if lymphatic drainage massages are performed).
  • Scars (which can be located in strategic places and treated for an excellent evolution).
  • Hematomas (localized accumulation of blood) that disappear in 1 or 2 weeks.
  • Transient loss or alterations of sensation (limited to approximately 3 weeks).