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The facial treatment helps to deeply cleanse the skin of the face, helping to remove dead skin and impurities. However, to obtain all the benefits of a skin cleansing, you need to identify which treatment is appropriate, for this, it is necessary to understand the different types of facials.


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Basic Cleaning

A basic cleansing facial exfoliates and moisturizes the skin. Blackheads and pimples are gently steam removed on the face. Regular cleanings can prevent and reduce skin problems.

First, the skin is steam cleaned, then the granules are very gently massaged onto the skin. After removing impurities, another creamy cleanser is applied to gently exfoliate the skin with an electric rotating brush and massaging at the same time. Cleaning is recommended for all skin types and can be done on people under 25 years of age inclusive.

The advantages of cleaning are:

  • Reduces tanning.
  • Removes dirt and blackheads.
  • Provides a clean and bright appearance.

Normal Facial Treatments

These facials are a simple matter of cleansing, steam, and massage. This is the facial of the lowest cost. They are also the best option for normal skin that is not prone to acne.

Deep Cleansing Facial

It consists of the extraction of blackheads, elimination of impurities, exfoliation of the skin by removing dead cells.

The difference between these facials and a cleansing one is that the skin is massaged for a longer time.

The benefits are practically immediate as the skin of the face is clean and hydrated. In addition, the skin regains its tone, shine, and natural appearance.

Special Facials

It is a superior treatment to those regular standards for facial cleansing, as being specially formulated with hypoallergenic creams, which are used to hydrate the skin.

Different “Facial Packages” for the face are applied according to skin types and include special cleansing and rejuvenation techniques, forming part of the process as well. These are recommended for people with sensitive skin.

Bio- lift Facials

In addition to cleansing, massage, and rejuvenation techniques, these facials include treatment that targets dark circles under the eyes. The distinctive of this treatment is the bio-mask, which tones and tightens the skin of the face, giving a more youthful appearance.

AHA (Alpha-Hydroxy Acids) Facials

The ‘AHA Acids’ are derived from fruits or flowers and are widely accepted for their anti-aging effects. We use creams formulated with AHAs, which help the skin look smoother and healthier.

Creams containing AHAs and flower extracts are used to improve capillary action, skin texture and tighten pores, as well as for their mind-inducing and calming relaxation. In ancient times, the fragrance of rose, lavender, jasmine, neroli, etc., was used to cure depression, insomnia, anxiety, and other mental conditions. Fresh fruit facials are done with seasonal fruit pulps, like sweet orange or lemon pulp.

Facials "Fight Against Pollution and Antioxidants"

This type of facial creams and masks are enriched with extra agents such as vitamin A, beta-carotene, and vitamin E, which eliminates free radicals. During the cleansing process, contaminants are first removed and then the skin is cleansed with a deep treatment.

This treatment is recommended for people who have to be outdoors often because of their work.

Paraffin Facials

These facials are offered as part of the “Bridal Beauty Packages”.

They consist of the application of a special paraffin mask on the face, over layers of gauze, which helps to seal the creams applied to the skin, and are specially formulated for rejuvenation. They help for better absorption and restore the luminosity of the skin.

Facials to Fight Acne

We have a treatment for people who suffer acne problems of the skin; especially, it is effective on teenagers and adult acne.

This treatment is started after cleansing the skin with enzymes or with a glycolic acid exfoliation and hot steam mist, followed by extensive manual deep pore extractions, applying an electric descaler and skin-soothing, followed by an antibacterial gel application. This facial procedure should be performed regularly every two-weeks until the problem disappears.

Collagen Facials

This type of treatment includes the use of a “Multi-phase Exfoliation” technique, hot steam, deep cleansing, lymphatic drainage massage, and mineral or paraffin self-healing, on a sheet of frozen dry Collagen, to ensure the ideal effect of hydration. Normally, this type of liquid facial nutrients, in the form of vials or ampoules, are used for the rapid absorption of liquid nutrients into the skin and are accompanied by laser or galvanic treatment. This is a very effective and preventive treatment against harmful environmental damage, wrinkles, and dark circles. It is recommended for all skin types.

Facial Aromatherapy

Essential oil aromas are used in these treatments that have powerful specific healing properties and are of particular benefit to the skin. They are effective for the relaxation of the body and mind. Aromatherapy facials help with skin congestion, clear up, and improve normal skin functions. A mask is applied at the end of the massage, which also contains essential oils. Helps eliminate toxins, improves normal skin functions, including cell regeneration with a stimulating effect, all combined to make Aromatherapy facials a revitalizing and rejuvenating treatment.

Galvanic Facial

In this treatment, a device that uses direct and constant galvanic current is used to introduce water-soluble substances through the skin. As a result, it increases the ability of the skin to absorb and improve the penetration of the products to be applied. With this process, the treatment of specific skin problems becomes much easier, since it benefits dry and dehydrated skin because it improves moisture retention. It also helps to eliminate congestion.

Gold Facial

For this treatment, creams containing up to 24 carats of pure gold are used, which penetrates the skin easily. It is a powerful rejuvenating treatment, as gold has a powerful effect on lymphatic drainage, facilitating the elimination of toxins and waste and accelerating the regeneration of new cells.

We have the Gold Masks application as well. The Gold facial helps restore youthful skin qualities such as softness, smoothness, elasticity, resistance, and radiance.

Once you recognize what the different types of facial treatments are available, you will be more confident in your decision about the treatment for your skin.

The facial treatment should be chosen based on your skin type, texture, and age.

Side effects

  • Transient redness of the skin.
  • Minimal inflammation.