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It consists of carrying out the pressure on different parts of the body to correct alterations in the circulatory system and improve lymphatic drainage, through which accumulated toxins and fats are eliminated.

The stress and strains of modern life have given Pressotherapy a new credit and acceptance, as part of a beneficial overall plan to maintain good health. It will help you to get real relaxation before the tension becomes chronic and damaging.


It is performed by wrapping the areas to be treated with a special band, that once activated, will act on the body by emitting different pressure waves. The areas to be treated undergo alternating compressions that activate circulation. 

The number of sessions will depend on the patient situation and the assessment of the doctor, that can be from three weekly sessions, in the beginning, to one weekly session just for maintenance.

 The use of Pressotherapy can be combined with diets that contribute to the elimination of liquids to optimize results in cases of overweight.


  • Prevents the development of cellulite.
  • Reduces leg swelling and heaviness; relieves pain due to poor circulation.
  • Shapes legs, buttocks, and belly.
  • Significantly reduces fluid retention.
  • Improves the appearance of the skin, improves tone.
  • It is an ideal supplement to lose weight.
  • Post-liposuction.
  • Circulatory disorders

What is it for?

Many body systems can be improved with Pressotherapy:

  • Circulatory system: Improves blood circulation by increasing oxygen in the body. It helps to eliminate metabolic waste and can be beneficial in lowering blood pressure.
  • Digestive system: It helps to relax the abdominal and intestinal muscles and improve their functioning.
  • Lymphatic system: Increases lymph circulation, helps to eliminate metabolic waste and stimulates the immune system. It manages to improve lymphatic drainage, which is why pressure therapy is effective in circulation.
  • Muscular system: Stimulates and tones muscles and joints, while strengthening connective tissues. Helps relaxation, relieves fatigue and provides relief from muscle spasms. The Pressotherapy massage for circulation stimulates the motor nerve points, relieves tension and stress, providing a feeling of well-being.
  • Toning the skin: Increases blood supply to the skin nourishing tissues and facilitating its regeneration.